Performance Machine

iStrives simplifies performance management and makes it easy for your teams to drive their personal success and access all information and tools they need to succeed with just a click


Increase Performance

Increase Performance

Easy to set-up dashboards that give every level in a team clear visibility of targets and results

Multi-layer recognition and gamification to motivate, reward and recognize your teams. Full suite of Badges, Trophies, Likes, Star Rating and Cash Incentive tool

Instantly drive focus with simple target setting, leaderboards, performance tracking, competitions and reward mechanics

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Steer behavior

Combine Targets with Gamification, AI, incentives and recognition and you have the tools for behavioral mechanics

At your fingertips use the mechanics to design, tweak and steer your teams to the desired outcomes

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Self-propelled workforce

iStrives always on performance rating is similar to the Uber Driver star rating

Automatically breaks targets down into daily bite-sized chunks and hands out daily star ratings and incentives

Get your teams laser-focused and use the Toolbox to quickly access everything they need with just a click

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Option to exchange value with each individual in your organization that converts outcomes to earnings

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Quickly see performance ranking by metric, individua, team, country, region

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Star Rating

Always on performance rating with option to earn for every star achieved

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At a glance view of overall business and individual performance across all metrics

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Automated monitoring of performance. Reward behaviors and instantly launch contests

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Information Feed

Keep up with the topics and trends you care about. Organize and read all your trusted publications and blogs in one place.

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Hide your spaghetti junction of systems and tools. One stop shop to enable your team

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Ignite best practice sharing at any layer with gamification mechanics to rewards for sharing

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Mood Tracking

See how your team is feeling every day so that you can really influence their motivation

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Task Management

Never lose sight of the key tasks that need to be done. Automated follow-up and monitoring of timelines

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See the trends

Have a look across the organization to see the trends in the business

Drill down across any timeframe to extract insights

universal selector

Universal Selector

Set your view on what is important to you

Get an overview of the business, see what is happening by region, country, team or drill down to an individual

Just set it once and navigate anywhere to get the same selected view across the platform



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