Steer behavior

Combine Targets with Gamification, AI, Incentives and Recognition and you have the tools for behavioral mechanics at your fingertips.

Use the mechanics to design, tweak and steer your teams to the desired outcomes



Change the game. Use gamification, competition and rewards to drive the desired outcomes

Run ad hoc and periodic competition which can be short and long term

Reward and motivate your rock stars, share your love by giving badges for every step towards the big goal

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Star Rating

This always on performance feedback allows your team to know they are everyday

The star rating is a measure of consistency. Each metric is contributing to the star rating. Drill down to see the consistency of each measure

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Mood Tracking

There is a mood for every moment, and it is one of the most valuable gauges of your team

Keeping a team performing at their best means looking beyond the numbers and influencing how they feel every day.

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