Transform Your Employee Behaviour with Gamification

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January 9, 2020
Employee Behaviour with Gamification

Employee Behaviour with Gamification

Congratulations! You’ve hired a stellar team and ready to achieve your goals. Hiring the right team is only the first step in your team management journey. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is what makes or breaks a team. As a manager, you will need to find effective ways to influence your team’s behaviour sooner rather than later.

According to research carried out by Hay Group, motivated employees are 43% more productive compared to their unengaged counterparts. But is it possible to build a fun work environment without slowing down business growth? Countless studies say yes!

While considered a fad by some, gamification is a tool that applies game-design elements to work contexts that has been proven to improve team performance. Companies using gamification have seen their employees rank 20% more productive, 14% higher in skill-based assessments, 11% higher in terms of factual knowledge and a 9% increase in retention rates.

Gamification is an approach used by many organizations to influence employee behaviour in a fun and collaborative way. This concept is to sustain a competitive spirit by setting up contests to increase performance or focus on specific business objectives. Leverage the main principles of gamification with these steps:

1. Run competitions either ad hoc or periodically through Gamification to drive your business objectives. Latest performance management systems have Gamification tools that are designed to automate the monitoring of performance, and instantly rewards the right behaviours through e-wallets, trophies, badges, points, etc… This instant reward for winning is key to influencing new and effective behaviours.

2. Acknowledge, reward and motivate all levels of performance in your team based on their contest participation so that they continue shaking and moving your business straight to success. Re-enforcing a goal-directed behaviour to how each person engages in activities at work.

3. Let your team see who the best performers are and motivate them to keep up or overtake the lead. Track and assess how behaviours are developing across all the gaming mechanics.

Here’s how various game design elements help influence and measure your team’s in-game behaviours:

  • Badges, Trophies and Levels are the typical rewards to indicate the success of a team member for accomplishing a specific task, activity or contest. These rewards have many functions, in most cases they act as a virtual status symbol. This can influence employee behaviour to take on more challenging tasks to collect a particular badge, especially ones that are valuable or hard to earn.
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  • Leaderboards help view the overall achievements at all levels and how they compare to top performers by providing a simple view to see everyone’s stack ranking overall or down to a single metric. This element also helps identify which employee performs best in a particular activity so you can fine tune your performance engine to achieve maximum outcomes.

Its essential for managers to make sure their employees can see the bigger picture and have a personalised view of how they can contribute to the end goal. Gamification promotes goal-directed behaviour and makes sure your employees get instant recognition that will motivate them to sustain the right “behaviours” of a successful team.

If you’re looking to transform your employee behaviour, try using an automated performance management platform like iStrives. iStrives provides a fun and entertaining experience to induce positive behaviours and increase motivation with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Motivate and increase your team’s performance with Gamification. One of the many performance management tools available on iStrives. Learn more about iStrives and request a free demo.

Employee Behaviour with Gamification
Employee Behaviour with Gamification – Employee Behaviour with Gamification
Employee Behaviour with Gamification
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