Project Management

A powerful tool that helps you manage all of your projects quick and easy.

Kiss goodbye to multi-solutions when it comes to project management.

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Create and set up Projects

Create projects and set up subtasks all in one platform. Fill in the project detail using the template provided. 

You can set a timeline for each project and subtasks, deadlines, teams, assignee. 

Geo-Tagging is now available to simplify your field resources management, enable Work From Anywhere model.

Manage various Projects

Various type of projects can be set up. For instance, full employee onboarding for any role, training journey, recruitment.

All tasks and projects can be set up separately to track their effectiveness.

You can now manage complex projects more easily.

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View each Project and Subtasks

You will be able to access all project overviews, project activity feeds and subtasks in a glance with our project management dashboard.

Subtasks details, such as overview and activity feeds are also available to assist you in managing projects efficiently.

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